Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We are a general membership union for all Americorps workers, current and alumni. We pledge to defend each other and advocate for the expansion of Americorps funding and job opportunities against any attacks or cuts. In our jobs, we are paid by the federal government through non-profit corporations to serve communities with a diversity of direct assistance including teaching, counseling, labor, community organizing, health, the arts, and administrative support. 

We commit ourselves to struggling for workplace democracy, protection of our rights, openness, and yet unrecognized reforms within the Americorps program. It is only by organizing a union among Americorps workers that we can grow our power to participate in the decision-making that affects us and our world.

We are a project of the Pittsburgh General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World. Check out http://www.iww.org/ for more information about the Industrial Workers of the World, "One Big Union", a union for all workers.

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  1. Is there any contact info for this AmeriCorps Workers Union? I was not notified of any such organization existed at the beginning of for first year of entity.